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Jennifer Hebert


Jennifer Buffington Hebert is a self-made, family-forward woman from South Carolina. While fulfilling her role as both a mother and a provider, she has transformed herself from hairstylist to business owner in rapid fashion.

For love and family, she packed her bags and moved her home and talents to Texas.  There she has settled  (in the best possible sense of the word) with her loving husband, Lloyd, along with her son, stepson, and granddaughter.

Now, her latest creation is about to reduce your clutter!  Instead of cutting cords, she has devised a way to contain them. Her latest product, The Kord Keeper, debuted on QVC in February 2018.

Three years into her own business journey, she is ready to apply what she has learned in order to help you #bringyourmindtothemarket.

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